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INKERPOR is a Croatian company specializing in the decoration of porcelain tableware for the HORECA industry. Our aim is to become a benchmark for quality and design in porcelain manufacturing. We have achieved this goal through our extensive knowledge of the sector and our commitment to employing the best manufacturing technology. This enables us to produce high-quality pieces.

Our porcelain is made…

… through a double firing process at a high temperature (1,400ºC vitrified process). This process enhances the scratch resistance, glaze durability, and hardness of our products, resulting in a reduction in breakage rate. As a result, our porcelain is of high quality.

High impact resistance
Glaze hardness 5.5 on Mosh scale

Biscuit firing at 980 ºC
Glaze firing at 1360 ºC
Decorative firing on 830-1260 ºC

No porosity
Easy maintenance
Smooth surface


Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe



Inkerpor, as a manufacturer, can personalize your tableware with your own logo and/or your corporate colors. It's an exclusive product designed for exclusive customers!

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Industrijska, 1
10 290 Zaprešić, Croatia

Fax +385 133 92587

Domestic Market: +385 164 13 881
Export Market: +385 164 13 880