NeveLines is a colorful collection with rustic charm that combines nature colors and new culinary trends. NeveLines collection is now available in four stunning colors, hand sprayed with a rustic edge. Every piece will be slightly different, adding unique touch and personality to the product. Embrace the nature and bring a touch of its beauty on your table.

Pieces of this collection

Characteristics of our products

  • Hardness

    chipping and impact.

  • Firing

    double firing, biscuit at 950° C, vitrifying to 1400° C and processing a third firing at 1.200ºC if we add decorations

  • Zero Porosity

    Prevents any residual waste from lefovers on the plates.

  • Warranty for use

    In microwave, conventional oven and dishwashers.

  • Stackable

    and easy to transport.

  • Lightweight

    allowing comfortable use.

  • Resistant

    to scratch and thermal shock cracking, withstanding temperatures of over 400ºC.

  • Polished

    base of all the pieces.