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INKERPOR LTD is part of the PORCELINE group, specialized in manufacturing products for the HORECA industry and coffee roasters (cups and saucers) under the brand INKER.

INKERPOR LTD. Zapresic, a company which is specialized in manufacturing, trade and decoration services, was founded in 2009.

From the 1st January 2010 the company has taken over the production and marketing of porcelain tableware for INKER brand, with more than 60 years well known porcelain tradition. Our headquarters are located in Zapresic, a few kilometers west from Zagreb, Croatia.

The tradition of manufacturing porcelain dishes dates from the distant year 1953.

INKERPOR LTD. is owned by the Spanish company Porvasal S.A., a renowned porcelain manufacturer as well. Porvasal product range is also distributed by INKERPOR in its markets.

INKERPOR LTD. supplies restaurants, hotels, hospitals and households in Croatia and abroad, and exports more than 70 percent of its production.

It is especially known for production of cups and saucers for the needs of the many coffee roasters in the country and around the world.

Quality and design at the service of the most demanding customers









INKERPOR ltd. is specialized in production of porcelain with high quality parameters.
A key feature we need to highlight is the rigorous processes we follow in INKERPOR in order to fulfill the quality standards required.

Production is carried out with the use of world most advanced facilities, such as isostatic presses, mechanical glazing devices, high quality raw materials, on- glaze and in-glaze decoration firing kilns, etc. The in-glaze kilns (1400oC) allow us to manufacture products suitable for microwave ovens and dish-washing machines.

As manufacturers, we recommend a series of preventive measures to extend the life of the product.

Two of our recommendations for use are:

  1. Use non-abrasive detergent to preserve the glaze at its optimum condition.
  2. Avoid thermal shock due to a sudden change in temperature, cooling to heating or vice versa.